Tru BS-325LR Slow-Cookers

Tru BS-325LR Slow-Cookers

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Product Description

Constructed from good quality materials, it features a clean and modern design. The built in, it features rust resistant material that retains the look for a long time. Best of all, it is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

7.5 Quart Total Capacity
With three individual inserts, the variety of slow-cooked meals is endless. The oval shape and configuration of the inserts reduces the total footprint. This minimizes the amount of counter top used when cooking and cabinet space needed for storage.

TRU Triple Slow Cooker
Three Individual 2.5 Quart Oval InsertsWith the TRU triple slow cooker, there's no need to worry about a single detail when hosting or entertaining. Menu planning and party prepping can be done in advance when cooking with a slow cooker. The three separate inserts, each with individual heat control, makes preparing multiple dishes a breeze. Serve a dazzling buffet from appetizers and dips to savory soups and stews. Don't forget about a dessert or even a warm beverage. The TRU triple slow cooker is ideal for any occasion.