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ATLANTA, NOVEMBER 23, 2020 - ReST, the leader in sleep technology, is proud to introduce the first ever Virtual Mattress Store™, becoming the first mattress company to offer a contactless digital experience. The announcement comes amidst a global pandemic, during which consumers’ interest in virtual experiences has skyrocketed.

“ReST has always used technology to provide consumers a good night’s sleep. Now, we are using technology to provide customers a personalized product demonstration, showroom tour, and Q&A session – all from the comfort, convenience, and safety of their own homes”, says ReST’s Marketing Director Kyle Taylor.
In order to schedule a visit to ReST’s Virtual Mattress Store™ (based out of ReST’s headquarters in Atlanta, GA), potential customers simply visit ReST’s website, click to schedule an appointment, and then click on the link to the Zoom session in the email they receive. The ReST Bed™ lends itself perfectly to a virtual demo as the product has a visual pressure map as well as a modular construction which allows consumers to see the inside of the mattress.

“I enjoyed my ‘visit’ to ReST’s Virtual Mattress Store™,” said Lisa Diane from Connecticut, one of ReST’s newest customers. “My husband and I were interested in a ReST Bed, but there wasn’t a store within driving distance of us. We signed up for a virtual demo and were impressed by the ReST’s product expert’s breadth of knowledge. We appreciated the low-pressure consultative approach.”

The fusion of a ReST Bed’s customizable design and patented automatic sense and respond technology creates for a dynamic sleeping experience – a bed that will change with you over time. ReST offers a 90-night risk free trial on any order placed through their website. For more information about ReST and to book a virtual demo, visit

About ReST
ReST’s mission is to provide the ultimate sleeping experience. ReST is the only company with an integrated technology solution that not only monitors movement in real-time but automatically responds to those unique and personal changes. Our main product is the ReST Bed™: the only truly smart bed. The ReST Bed™ incorporates our patented smart fabric, which senses changes in pressure and interacts with the mattress in order to automatically respond to the sleeper’s comfort and support needs throughout the night. Above all, ReST Beds™ help sleep better so that they can live healthier and more productive lives. For more information on ReST, visit


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