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ABCD Living Concepts (Formerly, AB CAPITAL DESIGNS, ABCD ​) is a habitat site established in 1997 as a family-owned home & office furniture-based media publishing and marketing. ABCD Living Concepts is a human-edited site. We published home and living news, reviews, press releases, travel blogs, home and office products, and indoor and outdoor products. 

We promote and market products along the home and office lines, such as home interior and design, modern home decor, kitchen & dining furniture, home improvement tools, home office desk and office desk chairs, and lawn and garden tools. These products we chose are known basic needs of every room of the home. We market these products by partnering with well-known retailers, manufacturers, and affiliates. We also review some products that might interest you.

We may have yet to cover everything you need but at least we can give key information to ensure that the time you spend in front of your monitor is as relaxing and appealing as possible.

The products and company names shown on this site may be trademarks of their respective owners. AB Living Concepts participates in several affiliates' advertising, marketing, and trading programs designed to earn fees by advertising and linking to affiliate partners. 

All products you have seen here are not sold by us but by their respective manufacturers/sellers. We might earn some commissions from it.