How To Achieve a Bathroom Remodeling Goal


How To Achieve a Bathroom Remodeling Goal


When planning a bathroom remodel, the first to come into mind is the cost and the works that go with it. But if you can find bathroom remodelers near you that are affordable, with a good reputation, and are willing to work with you to realize your goal of a beautiful, updated bathroom, then everything is feasible. The best bathroom contractor you can find could help you decide and provide you with some alternatives to get started.

Starting a Bathroom Remodel

Firstly, remodeling a bathroom could be as simple as changing the tiles or as difficult as stripping and replacing the whole thing in a room. Meaning you must know exactly what you would like or what are your needs be before getting into estimating the cost and then getting a bathroom remodeler. So, for your bathroom remodeling project to take off the ground, here are the three few tips that might help you attain that goal:

1. Know your innate style –

Contemporary modern bathrooms could be stylish and beautiful, but so too classic alternatives. A type of bathroom would also impact your choices. Discover and look around you, the style that meets both your predilections and the rest of the home. A guest bathroom would perhaps need a more neutral style than a luxurious master bath.

2. Understand the goal -

What is it in the bathroom that you would want a change over? Do you want your bathroom to have an entirely new, fresh look or you just want a simple upgrade? A modern rain shower perhaps, a new tub, or maybe both. Decide what!

3. Decide on a layout –

Decide on a bathroom layout in such a way that it maximizes its function. Easy, maybe not! The existing proportions of the bathroom may constrain you, but within the walls, you can still find to fit everything you want and need, while still comfortably moving around in the space.

How much does it cost?

On average, bathroom remodels range between $6,000 and $15,000. Bathroom size, quality features, and the amount of plumbing required can all increase project costs. For a small bathroom it may cost around $5, 000 to as much as $25,000 for a large master bathroom, labor and materials included. Labor alone could cost you as much as 50% of the entire project. However, in a property within a booming real estate market, it could go up to 20% higher. An average bathroom remodel will take about 2 – 3 weeks of full-time works, including all plumbing. It could take as short as one week for a simple job, or a few more months for a complete remodel of a large bathroom.

The Cheapest Way to Remodel a Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is practically always pricey, however, you can take some cost-saving measures, such as:

1. Keeping the bathroom layout as identical as can be to minimize or to avoid plumbing works.

2. If possible, buy prefabricated fixtures instead of customizing.

3. Replace low-cost materials such as laminated countertops, vinyl flooring, and faux-stone tiles.

4. Brighten up existing vanities with new faucets and fixtures.

5. Refinish bathtub rather than buying a new one, and if possible

6. Offer to help the contractor to save on labor costs.


Consider the pros and cons. A bathroom remodel could cost you, no arguments with that. However, doing one project yourself means no insurance and could cost you some added fees if something goes wrong. Hiring a professional for some work, such as the plumbing and electrical, is not bad at all!