Aectual Unveils 100% Circular and Made-to-Measure 3D Printed Room Partitions and Office Wall Panels

Window Screen by Aectual at Nazka

AMSTERDAM (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 04, 2021 - Aectual, the worlds’ first platform to rapidly-produce bespoke 3D-printed XL architectural and interior products at an industrial scale, today launched a collection of room dividers and office partition screens. The made-to-measure, on-demand, 3D printed room dividers and screens are created from a plant-based plastic that is 100% recyclable and can be easily made into newly printed products. The collection of room dividers and screens are designed by House of DUS, Meeder Ontwerpers, and Studio Michiel Wijnen. The room dividers and screens vary from graphical and transparent hanging screens to solid standing room dividers.

“The concept of Aectual’s dividers was very appealing for our interior design project at Amsterdam-based restaurant Nazka,” said designer Meeder Ontwerpers. “We loved the idea that we could create one seamless, large screen, specifically tailored to the space with an ever-changing pattern and in a unique color. It is great to see that the screens also stand very well on their own, and serve beautifully as a room divider or brise soleils.”

Increasingly in office spaces, hotels, and even private homes, there’s a need to define different areas in the same space, creating multiple levels of privacy while still allowing interaction. Aectual’s screens enable this to varying levels while also allowing customized design by the client. “We love how the various designs show the versatility and tactility of 3D printing with our plant-based plastic, and how every single design leaves room for the client to make their unique modifications, whilst simultaneously keeping the strength of the intrinsic design,” said Hedwig Heinsman, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Aectual.

The room dividers and screens can be used in a variety of settings, from private homes and offices to restaurants and hotels. They are available standard in a choice of 17 different colors, and available in any RAL, NCS, or Pantone color at an additional cost. All room dividers and screens are part of Aectual’s ‘Circular Service,’ which means that the customers receive a cash-back deposit when the products are returned for recycling after use. The room divider and screen material are then shredded and directly reprinted into new products.

“We were intrigued to create screens that can be used both as art pieces as well as functional objects. At my home, I have one hanging on the wall, but just as well at the office, they bring a specific architectural softness and character as room dividers,” says Martine de Wit of House of DUS. House of DUS, the architecture firm whose founders also laid the foundation for design-to-manufacture XL 3D printing platform Aectual, developed several partition designs that all create a graphical spatial effect. Using Aectual’s graphic algorithm and playing with recurring oval and square shapes that become larger and smaller, more closed or more open, more privacy or transparency can be created. The multiple ornamental designs (crochet, dot, curve) show how the novel craft of 3D printing create a unique structure that is simultaneously flexible and strong. Made to measure, the design of the room dividers and partitions can be modified and perfected for the space they’re in, whether that’s offices, retail spaces, hotels, or apartment lobbies.

A press kit including a selection of images, logos, and videos can be accessed here.

About Aectual
Aectual is the worlds’ first platform to rapidly-produce bespoke XL 3D-printed architectural and interior products at an industrial scale that is 100% circular. We develop sustainably 3D-printed products, such as flooring, planters, room dividers, stairs, and more — all made from 100% recycled and renewable materials. Our seamless digital design-to-delivery platform utilizes customizable parametric products, software, and proprietary XL 3D print technology, and is already in use and deployed by globally recognized brands like Nike, Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport, and BMW. Aectual allows for a 10x faster design-to-build process, eliminates waste, and reduces materials usage and CO2 emissions, resulting in up to 50% cost savings and the possibility to create truly sustainable, custom-made architectural and interior design products.

Founded in 2017, Aectual is the brainchild of House of DUS, a team of three experienced architects and 3D-print experts, who are the team behind the 3D Print Canal House, an internationally acclaimed design-and-build research project into new global housing solutions and market explorations. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Aectual is a privately held company backed by AKEF and DOEN. Like us on Facebook, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, or learn more at            

About House of DUS
Founded in 2004, House of Dus has received international acclaim for its innovative designs such as the worlds’ largest interactive light design for the KapellBr├╝cke in Luzern, a temporary building for the Dutch EU presidency, a unique 3D printed bottle for Chanel, and as initiators of the 3D Print Canal House, an internationally acclaimed design-and-build research project into new global housing solutions and market explorations, that was later continued into company Aectual.

About Meeder Ontwerpers:
Meeder Ontwerpers is a design agency for interior and product design founded by Roos Meeder in 2001. The agency completes projects for private and business clients, including Rabobank, De Librije, KPN, NS, Yuki and Nazka. Roos Meeder studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, department of Architectural Design. Learn more at

About Michiel Wijnen:
Michiel Wijnen combines his technical background with his passion for interior design, furniture, and lighting design. He combines his technical background with his passion for interior design, furniture, and lighting design. The Amsterdam-based studio specializes in unique and aesthetic designs and interiors primarily for the hospitality industry. Learn more at

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