10 Fortune 500 Companies Implementing StartOrganic’s Vegetable Gardening Wellness Program Show It Reduces Worker Stress By 92%

10 Fortune 500 Companies Implementing StartOrganic’s Gardening Program Show It Reduces Worker Stress By 92%
StartOrganic is the leading provider of corporate wellness through organic vegetable gardening programs.

San Jose, CA., February 23, 2023 -
StartOrganic, the leading provider of corporate wellness through organic vegetable gardening programs, announced today that over the last 12 months 10 Fortune 500 companies have implemented its employee gardening program. They join companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bed Bath and Beyond, and EOG Resources that have been using StartOrganic to reduce employee stress, while teaching staff how to grow their own food while connecting with nature, eat healthier, and get outside while acquiring new life skills.

The organic gardening program is the perfect way for HR teams and employees to kick off Earth Day on April 22, through either on-campus or virtual workshops that allow employees nationwide and worldwide to participate. A StartOrganic 2022 survey of existing program participants revealed 98% of workers have a better opinion about their company for offering the organic gardening program and 96.6% would like more gardening programming.

StartOrganic’s Gardening Program Show It Reduces Worker Stress By 92%
A survey of program participants showed 100% of employees enjoyed StartOrganic's learning presentations

“HR teams seeking to improve employee engagement at PayPal, Tesla, Intuit, LinkedIn, DTE Energy and Marsh have embraced our organic vegetable gardening curriculum as a cornerstone of their corporate wellness program,” said StartOrganic Co-Founder Josh Levine. “In addition the feedback we get from customers such as Eckler, Boardriders, Nerdwaller, Zuora, Edgewell, HIXNY, David Polk, Navistar, Sage RX, Heffernan, Norton, NetApp, Patagonia, Whole Foods Market, IBM, and Stanford University is incredibly positive. Our gardening programs are an innovative offering companies can present to lock in top future employees while also keeping talent amid layoffs.”

Recognized as the #1 resource for gardening education, StartOrganic’s corporate organic vegetable gardening programs are available for both enterprise-level corporations as well as small-to-medium businesses. Its benefits mirror those of Horticulture Therapy and reduce stress, increase feelings of calm and relaxation, and improve self-esteem. Courses are offered either on-campus, through year-round virtual or hybrid, and support a diverse group of gardeners from beginners to experts. The StartOrganic team manages all development aspects for the on-campus or online course content - from consulting services, recorded topic-specific courses, or live webinars.

“The critical focus for companies right now is employee well-being and more HR departments are ramping up programs such as ours that support mental and physical health as well as work-life balance,” said StartOrganic Co-Founder Troy Smothermon. “For more than a decade, we’ve been the leader in employee wellness programs that support all three of these initiatives while enabling employees to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers. Many of our long-standing corporate clients have expanded their relationship with us several times to accommodate increasing employee interest. Employees who participate in our organic vegetable gardening programs feel valued by their employer and also express that they appreciate a company that focuses on environmental sustainability.”

Visit https://www.startorganic.org/corporate-gardens to learn more about StartOrganic’s Employee Gardening Programs or call 408-888-1903.

About StartOrganic

Founded in 2011 by Bay Area residents Josh Levine and Troy Smothermon, StartOrganic is the leading provider worldwide of online and on-campus corporate wellness through organic vegetable gardening programs. It helps companies teach their employees about growing their own organic food. Its customer list includes Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Boardriders, Sage Therapeutics, EOG Resources, Inc., Edgewell Personal Care, Hixny, Norton Lifelock, IBM, Patagonia, Zuora, David Polk, NetApp, Inc., Stanford University, Intuit, LinkedIn, and PayPal. StartOrganic also works with universities and many school gardens, agrihoods, community gardens and organic gardens for regional businesses. Its mission is to empower and educate people nationwide and worldwide by helping them grow their own organic produce and build sustainable local food systems. The company believes people should “know where your food comes from”. Visit http://startorganic.org to learn more.




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