Therapeutic Whirlpool Baths

For the ultimate spa experience, there's nothing as therapeutic as a Whirlpool bath, designed to give a pulsating massage to ease the stresses of the day. With chrome pneumatic controls and a 1.2hp pump, each jet is perfectly positioned to target lumbar, neck and shoulders to improve blood flow and muscle healing. And as most jets are adjustable, the massage can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

All bathstore whirlpool baths are mounted on a rigid metal frame for maximum stability and cocooned in a fiberglass mold. The high-pressure water system is designed to reduce noise and flow restriction; each joint is solvent welded, and water tested for long-term durability.

The Wash 12 jet whirlpool 1700mm by 750mm bath is the classic double ended bath - soft rounded ends yet strong internal angles for a very contemporary look.

Features and benefits:
• Double-ended perfect for sharing
• 1.2 horsepower pump powering 12 separate jets
• Increases blood flow & encourages muscle healing
• Made of the best quality Lucite® acrylic
• Warmer to the touch compared to cold steel
• More slip resistant than other acrylics when wet

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