6+ Best Table Lamps for Living Room Under $50

AUKEY Table Lamp, Touch Sensor

Table lamps continue to have a role in the homes and offices these days. These lamps are great pieces for the bedroom or living room that may well have your signature of elegance written all around them. Wanting a simple option for your nightstand table, or a table lamp that makes a statement in the living room, there are thousands of options available out there.

The best table lamps have taken full advantage of the latest in LED technology, crafting and designing lamps that are both stylish and energy-efficient. LED quality lights make these lamps enjoyable to use anytime. These table lamps work great near the bed when reading printed books before sleeping or maybe just resting in bed. The soft warm lights will not hurt your eyes even on extended readings. These table lamps are also ideal for use as desk lamps preventing in straining eyes while typing away on a computer or going over documents.

1. AUKEY Touch Sensor Dimmable Warm Light Bedside Lamps
AUKEY Touch Sensor Dimmable Warm Light Bedside Lamps

Aukey's Table Lamp is a touch activated and comes with dimmable light options and different color preferences. Turning it on is just a simple tapping of the base and you will be able to select through different colors and brightness settings. No more groping around to find the cord or switching it on and off. Since these lamps have no specific spot to touch other than the base of the lamp, these make the lamps great for a bedside table. BUY AT AMAZON. 

2. Limelights LT2024-WHT Brushed Steel Lamp with Charging Outlet
Limelights LT2024-WHT Brushed Steel Lamp with Charging Outlet

This cool and stylish lamp features a fabric shade and a brushed steel base. It comes with a 2-prong outlet placed in the base for charging mobile phones, tablets, and other small electronics. This table lamp will surely add fantastic elegance to any room. Perfect for bedrooms, dorms, nurseries, and offices! BUY AT AMAZON.

3. TECKIN LED Touch Bedside Nightstand Lamp, Dimmable
TECKIN LED Touch Bedside Nightstand Lamp, Dimmable

The TECKIN LED Touch Table lamp is suitable for any rooms in the house and modern offices. It is ideal for relaxation lighting and reading. It comes with a tap touch top to switch between three levels of light setting. Pressing the top will automatically cycle the color spectrum and pressing it again to select the preferred color. BUY AT AMAZON.

4. Bedside Table Lamp with 2 USB Charging Port, 3-Way Dimmable
Bedside Table Lamp with 2 USB Charging Port,3-Way Dimmable

This Bedside Table Lamp is all elegance and stylish. It comes with a white attractive lampshade that filters light into a subtle afterglow. It also displays comfy soft white lighting, very bright but not stunning, thus protecting your eyes perfectly. It has a 3-way dimmable touch control function with dual AC outlet and 2 fast-charging USB ports. Perfect for any room, nursery, and offices. LED bulb included. BUY AT AMAZON.

5. Seaside Village Touch Control Bedside Table Lamp, Dimmable
Seaside Village Touch Control Bedside TableLamp, Dimmable

This small table lamp is well-suited as ambient light, bedside table lamp, night light, and side table lamp. This lamp fits most places without issues. It also comes with 4 different brightness setting options and works with just a simple tap to the side or top of the base. Furthermore, it features a brown lamp base and a neutral beige fabric lampshade. It will never be outdated and goes perfectly well with any design and color of the room. The accent lamp could be an exceptional addition of elegance to any room instantly. BUY AT AMAZON.

6. Unifun Bedside Touch Lamps with Rechargeable Battery, Dimmable
Unifun Bedside Touch Lamps with RechargeableBattery, Dimmable

Touch activated night light table lamp perfect for reading and bedside lamps with color-changing LED lights. It comes with a touch panel that provides full control of the light modes. Brightness is adjustable for comfort and convenience which is also great for reading on the bright setting. BUY AT AMAZON.


Table Lamps do not just provide the source of light in a dark room. They are also a great way to show off your style and creativeness. It can also turn into fun conversation pieces when you have friends over. Furthermore, lamps in any room are also a great match for any area rugs.