7 + Garden Tools Set, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Gardening Kit

7 + Garden Tools Set, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Gardening Kit - 

Heavy duty stainless steel not easily broken 
Made of heavy duty stainless steel, high hardness, durable, not easy to rust and broken. Professional garden tools is your good choice if you have a certain pursuit of quality. Perfect gift for any horticultural enthusiast, health fun, children's labor experience.

Tacklife 7 Piece Garden Tools Set Details
Storage Tote Bag
Size: 16.92 × 14.56 in.
Material: cotton and Polyester
Use: Garden portable tool bag makes it easier to collect and tidy the garden

Bypass Pruning Shears
Weight : 5.67 oz.
Size : 8 × 2.17 in.
Use : Pruning shears can cut 3/4 inch diameter branches, help you cutting garden stems and light branches

Weight : 8.50 oz.
Size : 13 × 3.54 in.
Use : Digging planting, taking up plants help transplanting smaller plants or flowers without damaging the roots

Transplant Trowel
Weight : 7.51 oz.
Size : 13 × 2.76 in.
Use : With tick marks, to get plant depth, so that small plants and flowers transplanted easily

Soil Scoop
Weight : 6.84 oz.
Size : 11.81 × 3.54 in.
Use : Give Fertilize plants or transporting large scoops of soil, help you open up a fertilizer or seed bag

Weight : 8.46 oz.
Size : 13.78 × 2.09 in.
Use : Useful weeding design, with the help of lever principle to make weeding easier

Weight : 6.87 oz.
Size : 11 × 3.54 in.
Use : Unique three-prong design help easily remove weeds and loose soil

▲ Package Contents
1 x Tacklife Tote Bag
1 x Tacklife Bypass Pruning Shears
1 x Tacklife Trowel 
1 x Tacklife Transplant Trowel
1 x Tacklife Soil Scoop
1 x Tacklife Weeder
1 x Tacklife Cultivator
1 x 24 month Warranty Card