ECOBOND® Paint Announces Endura Paint as Their Newest Canadian-Based Distributor of Lead-Based Paint Treatment and Odor Blocking Solutions




Arvada, Colo., May 21, 2021 - Endura Paint was founded in 1966 with the objective of developing and marketing specialty paints and coatings. Their philosophy is to manufacture industrial coatings using the highest quality raw materials, ensuring that Endura coatings achieve outstanding performance and provide a service life far beyond industry standards
Endura paints and primers achieve outstanding performance in aggressive, corrosive, and abrasive conditions. They are relied upon to be easy-maintenance, retaining gloss and color even with exposure to harsh industrial cleaning methods. Endura industrial coatings are used in many industries, including Oil Field Equipment, Mining Equipment, Fleet/Automotive, OEM, Farm/Ag Equipment, Aviation, and Marine.
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Endura paint expressed, "We at Endura pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest levels of service and support. Through our experienced sales staff and technical experts, we can provide our customers with customized solutions to improve production scheduling, meet local environmental regulations or meet customer-specific requirements."

James M. Barthel, President and creator of ECOBOND®, commented, "we are excited to work with Endura paint and resonate strongly with their commitment to environmental issues. As an Environmental paint products manufacturer focused on the treatment of hazards dealing with lead, smoke & odor, we strive to align with like-minded business partners."

To combat the lead paint problem, their ECOBOND® - LeadDefender® product seals and actually treats the lead and lead dust in lead-based paint. Barthel continued, "the lead problem came in a paint can - the solution can too! We know that ECOBOND® - LeadDefender® is so much more than just paint. Infusing our lead paint treatment formulation in a patented Paint-it-on Leave-it-on® application, our customers enjoy peace of mind from the dangers of lead paint. We feel honored to be part of the solution, especially when we consider the additional purpose in protecting children and families by including an additional layer of protection in our treatment. Bitrex® is the bitterest substance known and is added to ECOBOND® to reduce accidental ingestion of potentially harmful materials. Bitrex® creates an added safety barrier to further protect children from lead poisoning by reducing the number of paint chips or dust a child may ingest."

To combat the widespread problem of smoke, odor, and fumes from the effects of cigarette smoke, pot smoke, and fire as well as pet odors, ECOBOND® OdorDefender® is their professional-grade eco-friendly, odor-blocking paint sealing & blocking dangerous odors.
ECOBOND® Paint LLC is the Premier Provider of Environmental Products focused on protecting human health from the dangers of lead, smoke, and odors.

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