A beautiful, long-lasting Hardscaping project is attainable on a budget, by EP Henry

Classic beauty and charm can come with a hefty price tag, but quality pavers and walls don’t have to break the bank.
Woodbury, N.J., September 17, 2019 - Classic beauty and charm can come with a hefty price tag, but quality pavers and walls don’t have to break the bank.

How long a Hardscape lasts depends on proper installation and the quality of the products used. Attention to quality in manufacturing processes and materials make the difference. Beware the bargain basement, dollar-a-brick pavers that are made as cheaply as possible; they not only will look less attractive but may also be more susceptible to cracking and spalling.

Hardscaping professionals trust manufacturers whose processes utilize advancements from the latest technology. Strong knowledge of materials and processes enables these manufacturers to offer a quality product at a lower price point, much like how automobile manufacturers can offer high-tech cars at affordable prices. EP Henry, the oldest American family-owned and -operated manufacturer of unit concrete products, offers this value in its Imperial line. Manufactured to the same standards as the company’s high-end stone pavers and wall systems and available in popular shapes and colors, Imperial pavers and walls come with the great service and lifetime warranty EP Henry is known for.

The Imperial line includes Rittenhouse, Cobble Stone, Rustic Cobble Stone, 3 Piece Modular, and Bullnose pavers, each offering classic and stunning looks. The Rittenhouse Paver, a contemporary, larger paver, comes in 5 colors that can fit in any design situation. The Cobble Stone line has a smaller paver and it comes in 4 traditional colors and the 3 new shades of Charlevoix, Driftwood and Sandy Beach, making them perfect for any landscape. The Rustic Cobble Stone pavers have an aged look that is perfect for country settings and historic homes. 3 Piece Modular pavers look natural in a set or random pattern installation, evoking the mason stone installations of old. Bullnose pavers boast a rounded edge, a softer look appropriate for a more organic look. Bullnose pavers are perfect for pool coping and steps.

If walls are needed, Marquis Wall is a single-sided wall system that is a great choice for the budget-minded homeowner. Marquis Wall is a striking, cost-effective choice for a variety of single-sided applications, and the line also comes with new color options. For free-standing walls, Rustic Double Face Wall is the perfect solution.

Getting the beautiful, classic look of stone does not have to break the bank. Outstanding value is to be found in trusted products and experienced manufacturers that can deliver quality at an affordable price.

About EP Henry®

EP Henry® is the oldest American family-owned and -operated manufacturer of unit concrete products in North America. In addition to their Imperial line, EP Henry manufactures a wide range of Hardscaping™ paving stone and retaining wall products, including their new line of ColorTech™ integrally sealed paving stones. ColorTech™ provides “Advanced Protection. Enhanced Color.™" EP Henry also offers beautiful patio pavers, outdoor kitchen kits, garden wall solutions and more to homeowners throughout the Mid-Atlantic states. For more information on EP Henry Hardscaping products, visit EPHenry.com or call 800-44-HENRY (800-444-3679).

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