The Importance of Memory Foam Mattress to One’s Health

The memory foam mattress was first developed in the 1970s for NASA, but it was not until the early 1990's that it hit the market, first as a mattress topper pads, and later on as foam mattresses solely for used in medical settings.

In the early stages of its development, it has seen tremendous potential for alleviating pressure points on patients precisely due mainly to its unique ability to spread pressure over a wide surface area and its unique ability to respond to temperature changes. But like every product in its infancy, this type of foam mattress also encountered initial setback with wear and tear over time because of questionable durability of the first-generation material it used that would often compress and break over time.
However, that initial setback did not deter Tempur - Pedic, the very first company to appreciate the great potential of this product innovation that they developed their own version called Tempur foam, primarily intended for the medical industry. This new product innovation was more durable with still the same features of pressure reducing the benefits of a memory foam mattress. Thereafter, they began hearing encouraging feedback from patients who used the memory foam did have slept better, have significantly reduced back pain, and have the refresh feeling every morning.

Upon knowing the positive results and the consumer markets becoming more aware of the benefits of the memory foam mattress as reported from the medical institutions, more and more foam manufacturers are becoming interested in developing and producing their own versions. This time they are producing it for the bedroom furnishing industry. This strategy results in more competitive cost structures with prices much less than that of the Tempur - Pedic brand foam. The reason for this is because these manufacturers came from the foam industry and not from the medical industry. But, whatever this product may bring, the consuming public must remember that due to its inherent unique characteristics, it has also corresponding unique benefits. They may be similarly created but absolutely they are not equals. It may have a different range of foam density in its composition, had a different degree in hardness or softness to the touch, have varying responses to temperature and may have a varying degree of wear and tear capacities. But, due to the fact that it is originally intended for the medical industry, it became very expensive until to this day.
But even though of the reported high market price, it still one of the fastest-growing segment in the bedroom furnishings or more precisely in the foam mattress industry, that it is now becoming very hard to keep pace with all the new memory foam mattress products introduced every year from so many manufacturers.

Also, every consumer should take into account that these are not commodities. While at present, many manufacturers have diversified its usual foam line productions to memory foam productions significantly resulting to price drop, product availability and affordability, which is good to the memory foam mattress industry, it is also certain to mean that a great number of poor quality and cut-rate foams will also appear. As a general rule, you should avoid purchasing conspicuously low-cost memory foam mattresses you would find in the market for it's often made of low-density foams or even layered with other cheap foam products.