A Dozen Great Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

A Dozen Great Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces


Most of us, if not all of us are proud of our homes, always. All of us, if not most of us invest countless hours reorganizing, repositioning, and transforming the house interior. But then how about stepping outdoors to refresh body and mind from the boundaries of the interior? It always does! As soon as the weather condition is good, it is hard to ignore a fine, pleasant day outside. Most especially throughout the spring, summer, and fall months.

Spending the best time outside does not mean giving up anything on luxuries. With a handful of tweaks, an outdoor space can become cozy and welcoming as the interior of the house. Transforming an outdoor space into a utilitarian living area can become a gratifying job that will expand a living area into outdoor living spaces.

Irrespective of the size of the outdoor space or the planned budget, transforming or installing an outdoor living area can add value to your home. Likewise, it also offers a suitable and appealing hosting space. Given the right setup, spending an extra hour in the sunlight, and the refreshing air, and hosting al fresco events for family, friends, and neighbors is most fulfilling. However, designing an outdoor space often depends on the individual’s needs. This can vary from putting in place a small, cozy nook or building up a large hosting space.

In this article, we gathered some useful design tips, tricks, and ideas to help maximize outdoor living areas!

1. Organizing Furniture Seating Areas

Having multiple areas for people to sit helps break up your outdoor space. This can make outdoor areas seem bigger. Also, it can help create separate areas for some activities. Additionally, installing columns, plants, and outdoor rugs can also help in making more than one defined area, no matter the size of the area!

2. Bring in a Soothing Tranquility with Water Feature

A budget-friendly outdoor living space design idea is to opt for exceptional water features. While fire brings a sensation of warmth to an outdoor space, water can provide a relaxing sound which can add up an element of cool tranquility. Water showcases can of course take all different forms, from small store-bought fountains to cascading waterfalls. It all depends on how wet and wild an outdoor area is. An outdoor fountain or a nice-looking fountain sculpture in the center of the outdoor space can add up to a focal point. Additionally, pave a small path around the water fountain, or provide sitting opportunities so guests can admire most of the outdoor space features. Or go for a more fascinating option - a small, bubbling creek to create a backyard paradise!

3 Creating Dramatic Effects with Lighting


Holidays are not just the time to hang up a few fairy lights in an outdoor space. Choosing to put the feel with a few attractive and spectacular outdoor lighting effectively can make any outdoor living area safer and inviting. Not that it will help people to prevent from slipping or falling in unlighted areas, but also it can help transform the open space into a welcoming place to devote time after sunset. In the warmer months, spending time outdoors is not limited to daylight hours. Moreover, a decent landscape plus lighting can accentuate the strength of the outdoor space. Put electric bulbs into oblivion! Nowadays, outdoor lighting opts for a gentler radiance, which is considering adding torches or lanterns to the setting. Dramatic is it not? Moreover, lighting that is beamed skyward can dramatically accentuate the structural design of the building. While lighting aimed downward will produce a smoother, warmer glow.

4. Entertaining in the Front Yard

Outdoor living space does not have to be behind the home. The front yard area is particularly suitable for people with a smaller or already established backyard. Owners can bring together the socializing with friends, family, and neighbors to the front yard. Expand it by adding more seating areas to create a bigger social space in your yard for entertainment.

5. Tucked-away Garden Escape

Not all backyard retreat has to be about entertaining. Designing or creating an outdoor living area to include a tucked-away garden escape is not also a refuge only! After all, remodeling around a stone pathway, planting shrubbery, or creating visual appeal with a dry stream are all simple DIY landscaping ideas. Moreover, dazzling garden accessories, hanging or air plants, and installing a garden bower can transform a backyard living space into a secret garden, fitting any budget.

6. Using Outdoor Products

It is understood that having an outdoor living space involves protecting a lot of things out in the open. Therefore, these things require a lot of protection against unpredictable weather. Seriously, keeping an outdoor living space needs investments in products that are meant for the outdoors. Any day can bring erratic weather, but even pleasant weather can have ill effects on a lot of outdoor things. The easiest way is to buy weatherproof outdoor products that can withstand rain, wind, and direct sunlight. Those products do not fade, rot, or fall prey to any other type of weather damage. For instance, properly waterproofed wood or metal benches can go for years in the rain without enduring damage.

7. Adding a Fireplace or Fire Pit

Adding an outdoor fire could be as inexpensive and straightforward as a cavity in the soil. Or as elegant as a granite gas-fueled fireplace. But all be contingent on how greatly it is designed and created or how much the budget is! Adding up a component of fire can instantaneously change an otherwise mundane area into one that is cozy and welcoming. A compact fire pit, which is a raised fire container with a metal screen can be utilized in an array of spaces. Or fire pit can be made using everything from stone bricks to cobblestones. Also, another appealing alternative is the chiminea, a freestanding front-loading outdoor fireside with a short chimney. But overall, it is a great idea to see a local fire code to ensure that it is lawful to have an open fire in the area.

8. Setting Up an Enclosed Space

Creating an outdoor living space that fulfills like it has a purpose, at times helps to put up a kind of an enclosure. Low-slung barriers around an area can also give a good sense of an enclosed space without making people feel like they are in another area. A good example is a sitting area in the yard that can have its own space that places separately from the lawn's grass. This lets people know that certain areas are for use, otherwise, others may be just for show. But either way, a purpose is served!

9. Installing Outdoor Kitchen

A kitchen is the perennial heart of any home, so it follows that an outdoor kitchen should also. Since, as always, it is where the action is! Moreover, outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity because cooking al fresco feels less like a routine and instead more of a pleasure. Thus, building another kitchen will not just save strenuous effort from continually making trips back and forth between the outdoor grill and the indoor cooker or refrigerator, it will likewise make a wonderful place for entertainment. Also, with the right setup, much more can be done than cooking steaks in the outdoor area. The grill, as always, is at the center of any outdoor kitchen. But, with the right setup, building an open-air kitchen around a refrigerator, sink, food preparation spaces, or a wooden-fired pizza oven is also a great option.

10. Creating A Focal Point

Having an outdoor space is, of way, to spend extra time outdoors. A judiciously positioned seating, any sitting that matters, will help make any outdoor living space more inviting. But then a sitting position that entails everyone's backs next to the wall makes it a bit tricky to talk nonchalantly. A vital point for any space is to have outdoor gatherings that are very social. Adding a table will not hurt the ambiance, and then have a spot to eat food, play games, or socialize with guests. The important thing is to effectively use the space to get the most out of it. A crucial point of an outdoor space does not necessarily include outdoor furniture. It is about organizing the outdoor area on everything from a water feature to an outdoor kitchen. Or it may be the crucial point of an outdoor space could be a rose trellis or a flowering tree.

11. Be Whimsical with Bold Color

A touch of excitement here, why not consider swapping out those faded cushions on that outdoor furniture for bold and colorful ones? Furthermore, to complement the greens and browns of the outdoors, why not add a splash of whimsy by choosing bold, brightly colored accessories? Characteristically, earth tones might look nice in the living room, but outdoors they just shrink away and blend in with the surroundings. And even if black has a propensity to be chic inside the home, black colors in outdoor settings will become hot in direct sunlight. Bright colors might not sound like everyone's cup of tea, for sure. But outside they will add an element of playfulness and fun. Some other options for colorful accessories could include brightly patterned ornaments and garden fixtures.

12. Incorporating a Gazebo

Why not a Gazebo?

Having chosen a theme for that backyard space and determined the layout of the outdoor living area, it is now the time to get into the specifics. Why not liven up the outdoor space with a Gazebo to be a little more magical? This fairytale-like shape structure is the picture-perfect way to add a fanciful atmosphere to an outdoor living area! Lastly, an outdoor gazebo can help create a designated entertainment space in an outdoor space.


So, give your guests a little to talk about with an interesting feature that is key to your outdoor space design! Renovate or remodel your yard into the best outdoor living space on your block with these 12 Outdoor Living Spaces ideas!