Inexpensive Tips for A Bathroom Remodel

Inexpensive Tips for A Bathroom Remodel


In most cases, remodeling a bathroom can go as high as you originally planned. Even if you go the DIY route. There are many reasonable ways to spruce up your bathroom without breaking the bank. But even then, you should set aside at least 30% of your original budget as a cushion.

So, to make the largest impact on the least amount of dollars with these bathroom remodeling ideas, the following tips below might help you.

Focus on the Specifics

What is it in the bathroom that you would want a change over? Do you want your bathroom to have an entirely new, fresh look, or do you just want a simple upgrade? A modern rain shower, a new tub, or both. Try refurbishing your bathroom with a new shower curtain or hand towels? Decide what!

Shop Around for Inexpensive Options

Now that you have decided, shop around for a more affordable alternative. Tiling options for your bathroom for one are visually appealing and stylish, but it is expensive and difficult to install. We recommend tiling either the bathroom walls or floors, but not both, to cut costs. Moreover, if you are leaning toward the finer aspects of your bathroom, like light fixtures, mirrors, or storage systems, go shopping at garage sales and local thrift stores. Who knows, you might find some fixtures to your liking!

Look for Alternative Bathroom Wall Ideas

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You do not need to tile your bathroom walls! Why? Painting your bathroom walls is the most common alternative to tile. But while paint is often the go-to thing for your bathroom, it is not always the best option. My suggestions. You can opt for fiberglass or acrylic panels. Plus, these alternatives are cheaper and easy to install. Moreover, fiberglass offers a touch of sleekness to your bathroom. It comes in multiple patterns to choose from, including marble, brick, and solid colors. Acrylic panels are also a good option. Acrylic panels are commonly used in showers as well. You can install each panel with basic woodworking tools, and it’s 100% waterproof.

Choosing Your Bathroom Wall Art 

Decorating your bathroom is a difficult undertaking. Precisely because of excess moisture in the air, valuable artwork can be damaged easily. In most cases, framed photographs and posters do well in bathrooms. Ceramic pieces, like decorative plates or metal wall art, are also recommended. Most importantly, choose anything aside from paintings for they can often be warped by steam.

Using Easy-to-Install Bathroom Flooring

So, you are not tiling your bathroom floor, good! But still want to update your bathroom flooring, tight? Try considering using engineered wood, peel-and-stick tile, or laminate flooring. Unlike tiles, each one is easy to install and is ideal for smaller budgets.

Hardwood floors are not great for bathrooms since they are not waterproof. Not advisable. However, engineered wood feels like authentic wood floors in your bathroom. It is less susceptible to moisture and can be installed with gorilla glue or a nail gun. Plus, it will keep you on budget.

But if you also want peel-and-stick tile flooring then go ahead. Peel-and-stick tiles are visually appealing to bathroom floors. You can have it for a fraction of the price. It is easy to install and less difficult to change if you decide to shift to another pattern later on.

Laminate flooring, unlike tiles, is made for easy installation because it snaps right into place. The best thing you can do is to measure the area of your bathroom flooring. In this way, you can easily gauge how many pieces to buy. And with an inexpensive price range, it will be easy on your pocket.

Finally, Reorganize Your Bathroom

Reorganizing your bathroom is sometimes the easiest way to upgrade. The use of space inexpensively and efficiently can make your bathroom feel larger and inviting. The most economical way is to reduce clutter and make the most of your budget. One suggestion is using baskets. This will give you more counter space. In it, you can store lotion, extra toilet paper, and other toiletries. Two, use your bathroom door to hang towels and your bathrobe behind your door to keep them out of sight. Three, install shelves on the bare wall above your toilet or next to your vanity. Installing shelves is one of the solutions to using bare spaces efficiently. You can put toiletries, pictures, and other decorations on display. Four, use drawer dividers. It is best to keep your bathroom drawers organized and clutter-free with separators. You can allocate each section to makeup, toothbrushes, hair ties, and many more.


Cleaning your bathroom is the best way to reorganize and dispense with unnecessary clutter. However, in 2022, it is understandable that homeowners will be adopting outdated bathroom designs with harder-working fixtures and chic accents that offer comfort and a practically refreshing atmosphere. But, while there are plenty of alternatives for remodeling a bathroom, the most important thing to consider is how you feel entering that space every day or multiple times a day.