Riego, The Smart Indoor Plant Irrigation System, Launches on Kickstarter

Houseplants stay properly hydrated with a minimalistic home irrigation system that waters up to five different plants to their unique, required moisture levels.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (PRWEB) March 9, 2020 - Showing off a green thumb is now easier with Riego, the smart indoor irrigation system that launched on Kickstarter today. Riego combines a large, yet subtle, water reservoir with sensors to detect moisture levels and trigger watering.

According to the National Gardening Association, U.S. sales of houseplants have grown to $1.7 billion over the past three years. Younger people are brightening up their spaces with plants, leaving room for technology that enables them to do it better.

Manuel Caceres, the creator of Riego, discovered the solution for maintaining an indoor ecosystem while fixing a broken fountain pump for a neighbor. He realized that by using a submersible pump and a decorative tank, he could create a system to water indoor plants. Riego was born.

“I created Riego for myself so I could travel and not worry about watering the variety of plants in my home,” Caceres said. “With smart sensors, plant owners can use Riego to learn more about their plants and how to care for them.”

Riego blends into the background of any home design with its minimalist aesthetic. The white colorways keep the eye drawn to the greenery and colors in the plants. Riego’s beauty is that it’s barely seen.

Small lights on the water reservoir alert various functions including normal function, low water levels, and Wi-Fi connection issues. A companion smartphone app provides information from Riego’s sensors about the conditions in each pot. Monitor soil saturation, air humidity and light levels from afar. With the app, plant owners can manually initiate the water drip, or set it at automatic intervals.

Riego is available to pre-order at a discount by visiting the campaign page at pr.go2.fund/riego.

About Riego
Riego was created in 2014 by two pediatricians, Manuel Caceres, MD and his wife Maria Caceres, MD. With busy travel schedules, the pair found it difficult to keep their houseplants properly watered. Seeking to seamlessly integrate into any home aesthetic, Riego creates the perfect environment in which houseplants can thrive. For more information, visit https://producthype.co/riego/.

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