Gabion Supply Releases a Look at Different Ways to Use Gabions

The guide examines the decorative and functional purposes of gabions and how they can be used both residentially and commercially.

Memphis, Tenn., May 14, 2020 - Gabion Supply has announced the release of their newest infographic: A Look at Different Ways to Use Gabions.

“Retaining walls are the most common use for gabions because they offer flexibility and a natural look as the slope is retained,” according to the graphic. “(However), gabions can be used in a multitude of different ways.”

“When constructing with gabions, it is essential to use a reputable company for product purchasing and construction.”

The graphic covers a dozen outdoor uses for gabions, ranging from foundations for bench seatings and tables to accent walls to give character to your outdoor designs.

One of the largest selling points with gabions is that they allow the architect or homeowner a building block to showcase creativity. Gabions allow us to use ‘outside the box’ ideas that combine the benefits of practicality and style, for example a gabion mailbox, waterfall, or even commercial signage and reception desk designs. By combining the structure of the gabion frame with the locally sourced stone of your choice, the sky’s the limit for creative design.

To learn more about the different ways you can use gabions, visit the graphic here.

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