Making Simple but Cozy Outdoor Living Spaces

Making Simple but Cozy Outdoor Spaces


Creating a cozy outdoor living space year-round is all about the basics. I mean what do comfort and pleasure bring being outside the confines of a house. Most often one just needs to think creatively when creating outdoor living spaces to enjoy year-round. Typically, most homeowners would think about beauty, relaxation, pleasure, simplicity, and harmony. Making a cozy outdoor living space can seem like a big challenge. However, when done right, functional, and comfortable outdoor living spaces would add considerable square footage to a living space. Likewise, it often increases a home’s value!

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So, if you are looking for a simple do-it-yourself trick to your yard or hiring someone to make a complete overhaul of the yard, the following cozy know-and-learn tips will certainly make outdoor spaces just as comfortable as indoors.

Identify Outdoor Spaces Clearly

Clearly define outdoor spaces outside just as the spaces in a home were defined. It is extremely important as a start! Identifying clusters of relaxed seating plans is an easy approach to defining a space. Also, the use of decking, gardens, fencing, or pavers helps define different areas for lounging, dining, and entraining. Adding tall plants or a divider also creates privacy, making the space much like a room.

Create Cozy Hangout Zones

Make a deck or patio more inviting and pleasing to the people. First create distinctive and focused areas that lure people in, like a bar, a lounge, or an outdoor kitchen and dining area. In human nature, people would love to perch and instinctively drift toward spaces that are inviting to them to sit, loiter, and stay a bit.

Adding a Pergola

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BONZER Outdoor Waterproof Curtains for Patio 

Add a pergola in your outdoor spaces to create a sense of a cozy room that your family and guests will want to spend time in. Creating a semblance of an actual outdoor room with a roof with open sides has come to be a trend in many outdoor living spaces, but adding a pergola also offers a similar but less costly result to your outdoor setting. Pergolas are similar to gazebos, but with just columns attached at the top either with slats, wires, or foliage as a roof sorts of. Always, pergola's designs depend on their sizes. It can either be built as a stand-alone with columns or be built by securing it to the house. Either way, you are creating the feeling of a room because of the above covering. Planting climbing plants add protection from the sun as they grow and creep above.

Include a Fire Pit

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LEISURELIFE Propane Gas Fire Pit for Outdoor

Everyone likes to be in a gathering around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, wrapped up in blankets while catching up with friends. Who does not? A fire pit is a must-have outdoor accessory to keep you toasty once the sun goes down or during frosty winter months. Keeping a fire pit in outdoor living spaces will ensure you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. It is the coziest way to spend an evening outdoors. Fire pits can either be built into an outdoor living space design or portable ones that can be procured at retail outlets. Moreover, built-in fire pits and fireplaces can even be connected to existing gas lines for instant fire.

Adding Outdoor Furniture

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Shintenchi 5 Pieces Outdoor Patio Sectional Sofa

Outdoor seating is an outdoor accessory where people can comfortably sit to spend time enjoying the outdoor ambiance. Adding upholstered cushions to chairs, benches, and other outdoor seating offers a relaxed place for people to gather. So, if you are planning to add outdoor furniture it must be made of durable materials such as wood, iron, and plastic to withstand weather elements. See that you choose cushions made of outdoor fabric materials for quality and durability. Also, make sure that those are made of flow-through cushions which dry out faster.

Hopefully, these cozy outdoor living space ideas have given you enough inspiration to make your outdoor space a year-round makeover.