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9 Tips on Setting Up An Indoor Garden


9 Tips on Setting Up An Indoor Garden
Benefits of indoor gardening | Photo source:

Indoor gardens will present many benefits to homeowners, specifically ones that do not have big yards where they can appreciate and enjoy their gardens. But do not ever think that simple gardening, that is watering, just magically falls away once you put potted plants indoors. No, it does not!

Anyway, let us go back to our topic of setting up an indoor garden. An ideal place for an indoor garden should be in front of airy windows, most likely facing east or west. Likely, most plants for indoor settings come from tropical or subtropical regions, mainly equatorial forests, where they live and bloom in dimly lit environments. So, for creativity’s sake, hang up a netting screen to filter incoming light and start digging in with your Garden Tools.

Here are our 9 Tips on Starting an Indoor Garden (not necessarily in orders).

1. Seeking the Sun - 

Sunlight is too important for a plant to grow and bloom healthily. But if ample lighting is not an option for an indoor garden, thank goodness there are many grow-light alternative plants worth exploring. 

2. Picking A Right Spot -

Picking the right spot for your plants is not as simple as conveniently reaching your plants, but also where they can enjoy appropriate sunlight for at least 5-6 six hours of daily strong sunlight. But it does not stop there as ventilation for the plants is also necessary. Moreover, plants that bloom and blossom in sunlight are great for windowsill settings, favorably facing north-north-east placements. When plants seem to wither slightly, try moving it further away from the window.

3. Bathroom Plants – 

For ferns or most moisture-loving plants, the most appropriate space is the bathroom. The mist and humidity are exactly what those plants are yearning for a full-bloom status. But keep in mind to also regularly check soil moisture levels and the leaves of the plants to ensure the incoming sunlight is not doing any damage. 

4. Summertime Plants –

In the summertime, it is very advisable to place your indoor plants near windows or patios for adequate sunlight and heat. Whenever possible, also move them outdoors for some warmer and brighter light, fresher air, etc. Although indoor gardening does not depend too much on weather changes, it is still best to consider the various seasons and the roles they play in all the plants’ growth.

5. Fall Plants -

Ways to Bring Your Garden Indoors by

Be reminded that the most visually stunning fall plants can also turn out to be centerpieces for Halloween or Thanksgiving parties. A warm color palette of oranges, reds, and browns might be simply perfect for fall.

6. Winter Plants -

In winter, go for grow lights to aid your indoor plants’ growth during the frigid season, if necessary, at all! These could compensate for the cold weather and little sun for your indoor plants. These further ensure that indoor conditions are well-adjusted so that your plants can keep on blooming through winter. 

7. Spring Plants –

Comes the springtime!

As outdoor conditions are becoming more appropriate for your plants now, you can add some bright colors to your indoor gardening to mirror spring and summer in your home. As the case may be, replant oversize plants to suitable plant containers or start seeding your new plant ideas.

8. Watering appropriately -

If hiring a professional gardener is out of the question to further your gardening skills, just DIY! If you want to know whether your plants need watering, just gently push your index finger into the soil, retracting without any soil on your fingers, and start watering. Also, do not add water if your potting mix does not feel dry to the touch. 

9. Planters and Plant Containers –

Size, quality, and design of planters and plant containers are important to indoor gardening for it will let you help in deciding how much you will grow your plant and for how long. Whether you want to just add style and fresher indoor air or for just a little vege indoor garden, put some thought into it!